Available Suites


Ground floor - Suite 1

Ground floor - Suite 12

Ground floor - Suite 3

Ground floor - Suite 5

In addition to our office suites there is also a boardroom facility for the use of our tenants which is set up for meetings and has full presentation facilities, as well as its own outdoor access on to the lawn.

This office benefits from high speed internet via our 100Mbs fibre optic leased line, cleaning services and ample car parking.

There is also a Vodafone/O2 mast on the estate which delivers very good mobile phone connectivity.

All our suites offer office space to “companies looking for real flexibility” and virtually no risk in the current climate.

We offer special, “short-term, flexible leases” of automatically renewable “6-monthly terms” with only 2 months prior written notice required at any time after the first 6-month term.

Coworking space is also available in Unit 8A which suits up to 4 people (284 sq ft) and in the current climate can be rented by the ½-day or day, but only by one company at a time.

Companies can also reserve regular slots for this facility (e.g. weekly or monthly) on a 1st Come, 1st Served basis.

The rent is a flat £10 sq ft rent for the first 6 month term, rising to £12.90 sq ft thereafter.

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